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Workshops + Series

We offer workshops for children through late adulthood. Our therapists provide support using a variety of approaches.

Young Adults Autism Spectrum Series

The YAASS program is a free series dedicated to the transition of young adults with disabilities, mostly related to autism spectrum disorders. We aim to share these free quarterly series as part of our mission to fill the gaps in programming and information of young adults and adults.

This event is FREE and open to all.

Sponsored and coordinated by: Spectra Therapies + Evaluations.


College Connection

College Connection Camp

College Connection Camp provides a fun, interactive, and enriching college experience to boost academic, social, and independent-living skills. College Connection Camp is a collaboration between the University of Texas at Dallas, Spectra Therapies, and Segue Center.

Ideal for rising high school seniors and recent graduates with high-functioning autism spectrum disorder and/or other challenges to aid in their successful transition to college life.

The camp is open to prospective and current students of any college/university, not exclusively the University of Texas at Dallas.

UT Health -autism across the lifespan

2024 UTHealth Houston Psychiatry Update Conference: Autism - From Childhood Into Adulthood

Series Objectives: >Discuss recent findings on diagnosis and treatment of young children with autism. >Discuss factors affecting outcomes in youth with autism, including mental health, cultural differences, and availability of services. >Discuss the needs of adults with autism, reasons they may not get needed mental health and other health services, and possible ways to address these problems.

Future Workshops at Spectra

  • Autism accommodations versus Anxiety accommodations
  • Parent Child Interaction
  • Neurodiverse Couples