20 months – late adulthood

Saturday appointments available


All of our evaluations provide diagnostic impressions or medical/psychiatric diagnoses,

documentation of relative strengths and weaknesses, accommodations, recommendations, and treatment planning.

Evaluations at Spectra are tailored to best meet the specific needs of each individual and family.
Autism / Asperger Evaluations

For ages 20 months through late adulthood, we provide autism evaluations across the spectrum.  We conduct gold-standard assessments, such as the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule, Second Edition (ADOS-2).

Intellectual & Cognitive Testing

Using verbal and non-verbal IQ tests, we can help to describe your intelligence quotient.

Intellectual Disability

Our evaluators can help to identify intellectual disabilities.

Gifted & Talented

Our testing can identify gifted and talented.

Psychological Testing

Our comprehensive assessment can screen for and diagnose across psychiatric conditions, such as anxiety, depression, and neurodevelopmental disorders.

Neurodevelopmental Disorders - AD/HD and Learning Disabilities

Our comprehensive assessments can diagnose AD/HD and specific learning differences, such as in reading, mathematics and writing.

Academic Achievement

Our psychoeducational testing services include academic testing to identify strengths and weaknesses.

Texas Workforce Solutions

We accept Texas Workforce Solutions clients for assessment purposes.

Saturdays available

Please call for testing availability.

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