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Frequently Asked Questions

30-minute session to determine if our group and your child match well

$ 75.00 if good match

Free if not.

45-minute session to determine if our group and you/your child match well

$ 125.00 if good match

Free if not.

$75.00 per session

Usually 10 sessions in summer and 12 in fall and spring

If out-and-about component, add fees for those activities.

$20 - 50 per group

​Some groups are on-going​

​Some groups follow therapeutic group schedule.

Sometimes, a brief consultation is all you need. Designed for families seeking clarification or treatment recommendations, our consultations, available in-person or virtually, offer focused guidance without the depth of comprehensive assessments.​

Not sure if you should receive an evaluation? Unclear about testing results that you previously received? We can help to review previous evaluations and offer professional opinions and psychoeducation on results. Fee for consultations are based on the fee schedule of the evaluator.

Our brief consultations are geared toward families who do not require an in-depth comprehensive diagnostic evaluation, but rather are seeking clarification or recommendations for diagnosis or treatment (medication and non-medication). These consultations do not provide the more in-depth assessments conducted with our comprehensive assessments.

We offer:

  • Second opinion evaluations
  • Treatment planning
  • School placement and advocacy
  • Recommendations or clarifications

Scheduling detail: in-person or virtual

Sometimes our clients have goals that do not necessitate skill building related to traditional counseling or psychotherapy. Coaching services may be provided depending on specific goals set.
Navigating the education system can be complex. Our School Advocacy services provide expert guidance for parents. From attending ARD meetings to interpreting education plans, our experienced team ensures your child's needs are met within both public and private school settings. Let us navigate and advocate for your child's education. If you would like coaching, further assistance in understanding or for us to attend a school meeting with you, please consider our school advocacy services. Attending Admission Review Dismissal (ARD) meetings or informally meeting with administrations or teachers may help to access resources, services and programming.

Sometimes a school observation is warranted to increase the validity of the testing findings. Your evaluator will discuss this option with you as an optional and additional service. As a rule, our evaluators do not typically engage in school observations if not clinically indicated. Fee for observations are based on the fee schedule of the evaluator.

Scheduling detail: a different evaluator on our team may be asked to conduct the evaluation if warranted.

Typical evaluations do necessitate over the hours allotted for these packages; however, some complex cases may require additional record review or testing above and beyond and thus require additional billable hours.

Fees vary based on clinician and services rendered. Our fee schedule is located here ( link) on our website, and is also detailed in our Informed Consent.
First, make an appointment with your/ your child's physician to talk about your concerns. To fully assess for autism, a comprehensive assessment is recommended. We provide comprehensive assessments here at Spectra Therapies. You do not need a referral to be evaluated with our clinicians. Your child may be assessed through your school district.
No, however, treatment planning is more accurate with an evaluation. You may be referred for an evaluation if the thearpist believes it is warranted.
Having a good fit with your provider is very important. We have procedures in place that will help us determine which clinician may be a good fit at Spectra Therapies based on the information collected in the Initial Contact Form.
Group are organized by similarly skilled individuals in each group, and may have 1 or 2 participants that are emerging in their skill set. Groups typically consist of 8 - 10 individuals (except for preschool groups which are 5 or less) and we do not allow new participants to join after the 2nd session.
The first step would be to schedule an intake session with one or our providers to gain a better understanding of your needs, and establish if it is a good fit. You can click here to submit an intake request and one of our administrators will contact you to schedule.
The first intake session is typically 60 to 75 minutes and subsequent therapy sessions are typically 45 minutes. Length of session and frequency of session is reccomend by therapist based on clinical opinion and reported goals for therapy or by evaluation treatment plan.
Our practice schedules appointments Monday through Friday during normal business hours. At this time, we do not offer weekend appointments. For scheduling options and therapist availability, please contact our office.
We require 72 hours notice for thearpy cancellation requests. Group members are asked to share sessions that they will miss in advance and are asked to wait for the next group if there are more than 2 sessions potentially missed. Group cancellation policy differs than indivdiual therapy.
Yes for indivdual sessions, consultations, school advocacy, and evaluation interview and evaluation feedback (not for evaluation day of testing or group therapies). We have options for telehealth appointments. There are limitations for telehealth appointments and there are circumstances in which we are legally or clinically unable to provide telehealth services.
Yes. Our specialists at Spectra take into account the differences in how females and males present with autism when evaluating and treating.
Each provider has a number of sliding scale or probono slots available, however, these slots are typically filled.
Our team of evaluators specializes in autism diagnosis, with a particular focus on diagnosing girls and women, a demographic often overlooked in traditional assessments. We offer a wide range of tests designed to assess various conditions. Recognizing that autism frequently co-occurs with other diagnoses, our approach involves ruling in and ruling out other conditions, ensuring a thorough evaluation process. While we operate on a sliding scale basis with some pro bono slots, our expertise and commitment to a holistic diagnosis make Spectra/Illumination the top choice for individuals seeking precise and individualized autism testing services.

FORMS: Please have all forms completed in the client portal as much as possible. Evaluation services cannot continue until all forms are complete
RECORDS: Copies or originals (that we can copy) of any prior mental health evaluations/services, relevant educational records, or other relevant medical records that you have not already provided to us.
PAYMENT: All payment is due at the time of service. For evaluations, a $300 deposit is required to schedule the day of testing.
QUESTIONS: Please bring a list of questions that you have.

The clinicians at Spectra Therapies are Out-of-Network with all insurance carriers. We may provide you with receipts if you choose to file / submit directly with your insurance. Your policy may or may not reimburse for our services. Click here for additional information regarding insurance and contacting your insurance provider.
No. Many of our clinicians have a background in ABA and we specialize in bridging from ABA to talk therapy but Spectra Therapies does not provide ABA. If you are interested, we are happy to refer you to other providers that provide ABA.