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Comprehensive Psychological Services
for Neurodiverse Individuals


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Welcome to Spectra Therapies! We provide highly specialized therapy and evaluations tailored for toddlers to late adulthood.

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Neurodiverse Couples

We are a multidisciplinary clinic offering comprehensive services for young children through late adulthood. We specialize in neurodiversity and provide a variety of services and supports, including free resources and free lecture series. We are involved with our community and collaborate with local schools, universities, and hospitals.

SPECTRA's autism specialists conduct autism evaluation services in our Illumination Psychological Testing center (located in the same building). Illumination is our testing center that now provides a variety of psychological evaluations for all ages for most assessment needs. First time assessments for toddlers are prioritized for scheduling. Click here to go to our Autism Evaluation page or click here for all other psychological testing services.




Most health insurance companies have in- and out-of-network providers (providers = doctors, counselors, etc.). Providers at Spectra Therapies are out-of-network with all insurance companies.

Depending on your policy you may or may not have out-of-network coverage.  If you do have an out-of-network policy, there are varying amounts for deductibles and levels (partial or total) of coverage for our services. It is best for you to call your insurance company before you schedule an appointment with Spectra Therapies to better understand your options.

Some of our students are not billable under insurance companies. Please double-check with us to have a clear understanding if your provider may or may not be covered by your insurance company. All licensed providers are billable under insurance.

First, payment is due at the time of service, unless another payment plan has been agreed upon. Client pays the fee out-of-pocket with cash, check, or credit card.

Second, at the end of every month, we can provide you with a SUPERBILL for completed and paid services. A SUPERBILL is a document made for insurance companies that details the services a provider completes with a client. Essentially, it’s a receipt for your visit, but unlike traditional receipts, superbills contain vital information, like diagnosis and procedure codes (CPT), needed for insurance payers to reimburse you for the services after you’ve paid your provider.

Third, the client submits this superbill to his/her/their insurance company.

Fourth, depending on the coverage, the client may receive the reimbursement check directly to them.

Note -- there are some cases that require pre-authorizations, special assessments, and single-case agreements that require additional steps.

Please speak directly to your Spectra / Illumination provider for these cases; an informedconsent and written release may need to be signed in order for us to help you through these more detailed agreements.

Our Providers


Our team is comprised of seasoned specialists with extensive experience in neurodiversity, having served in prestigious institutions like the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Children's Medical Center, and the Center for Autism and Developmental Disabilities. We are proud to be a training center for practicum, interns, associates and post-doctoral students.

Our professionals have also contributed to the educational landscape in local hospitals, universities and school districts, including UT Southwestern, University of Texas at Dallas, Southern Methodist University, Texas Woman's University, Argosy, Cook's Children's, and independent school districts.

We are proud to be a training site for future professionals. We train practicum, interns, associates and post-doctoral students. While each member of Spectra Therapies operates independently, sharing resources and administrative functions, they bring diverse qualifications and service offerings to cater to your unique needs.


Our professionals have contributed to the educational landscape in school districts as well as private specialized schools.



Peer-reviewed publications

2012- current


Professional lectures



Faculty positions in local hospitals, schools and universities



National Institute of Health (NIH) grant