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Groups + Group Therapy

Join our engaging and integrative therapy groups led by our multidisciplinary team. Please note, group sessions are not a substitute for individual therapy, and the goals are not personalized to each participant. Depending on the age and stage of the group, activities encompass playful interactions and meaningful conversations. We value the power of real-time feedback in a secure environment, making group sessions a valuable stand-alone service or a perfect complement to one-on-one therapy sessions. Some groups are psychotherapeutic and some are activity-based only.

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Summer 2024 Groups Calendar

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Group Information

The sessions take place in-clinic though some groups have an out-and-about component. Out-and-about activities incur additional costs. Intakes are free if we are not a good match.

Our groups are talk based and require a certain level of expressive and receptive language.

We offer age appropriate groups (ages 4-80) for individuals with social differences, siblings, parents, and other family members. Other individuals with socially-related difficulties are also invited to participate (e.g., ADHD, anxiety, depression).

Group therapies can be very rewarding and provide a forum for individuals to interact with peers who have various strengths and areas for growth. 

Our Social Skills groups focus on social thinking education, skilled activities and support with aims to increase the participant’s social insight and skills, self-esteem, and quality of life.

Detailed group information:

  • A group intake session is required to join our group list and to assess if our groups are a good match. This is free if our groups are not a good match; for good matches, intakes are either $75 (ages <15 years) or $125 (ages >16 years).
  • We recruit similarly-skilled individuals in each group and may have 1 or 2 participants that are emerging in such skill set.
  • Groups typically consist of 8 – 12 individuals (except for preschool groups which are 5 or less) and we do not allow new participants to join after the 3rd session. 
  • We ask individuals to not start a group if you expect to miss 3 or more sessions; this helps to keep the dynamic consistent.
  • Most groups run 3 times a year and are 12 weeks in length. Summer term is usually abbreviated to 10 sessions.
  • All groups meet once a week, except for weeks of major holidays, and depending on age each group lasts 45 – 75 minutes.  
  • The CPT code for group sessions is 90853.
  • Throughout the group sessions, direct feedback will be provided. A group party concludes most groups. 
  • Repeating groups or advancing to the next group are the next options.
  • Depending on recruitment we have female/male-only groups offered.
  • In addition to our social skill groups, we provide activity and identity based groups such as: Dungeons and Dragons, Anime and LGBTQIA+.

Spring Group Schedule

FALL sessions begin early September (12 weeks).
SPRING sessions begin early February (12 weeks).
SUMMER sessions begin end of of May (10 weeks).


Spring 2024: January 23 – April 30 (12 weeks).

Estimated Future Start Dates:

Summer 2024:
June 4 – August 15 (12 weeks).

Fall 2024:
September 3 – November 26 (12 weeks).

Group Enrollment Steps


Group Therapy Fees

Group Intake
/ ‏‏‎ Intake

Group intake fee

Free if group is not a good match

/ ‏‏‎ Session

Per each group session

Out & About Activity
$25 / ‏‏‎ Typical fee of activity

Some groups have 1 to 2 out & about activities. The fee typically averages around $25.

Parents of minors may be required to stay at the out & about facility during session. 

Detailed Info

Group Fees + Pricing

30-minute session to determine if our group and your child match well.

$ 75.00 if good match

Free if not.

45-minute session to determine if our group and you/your child match well

$ 125.00 if good match

Free if not.

$75.00 per session

Usually 10 sessions in summer and 12 in fall and spring

If out-and-about component, add fees for those activities.

$ 20 - 50 per group

​Some groups are on-going​

​Some groups follow therapeutic group schedule.