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Fee Schedule for Therapies

We want to list our fees on our website and in our informed consent to make sure there are no surprises to the cost of out-of-network services. We suggest that you contact your insurance company and request a list of in-network providers for therapies and evaluations before contacting us.

Individual, Parent Training, Couples, and Family Therapy Fees

Therapy begins with an intake session. The majority of our clients attend once a week, for 45-minutes, in-person; however, telehealth options are available.

Intake Session

60 - 75 minutes
CPT code: 90791

Student-in-training: $100 - 200
Licensed provider: $200 - 400

Weekly Session

45 - 50 minutes
CPT codes: 90834, 90846, 90847

Student-in-training: $85 - 125
Licensed provider: $135 - 200

Group Therapy Fees

Group therapy begins with a group intake session unless the potential group participant has been evaluated or seen at our clinic within the past 2 years. There are no telehealth groups at this time.

Intake Session

Ages 4 - 15 years
30 minutes
$75 or free

​Ages 16+years
45 minutes
$125 or free

Weekly Session

45 - 75 minutes
CPT Code: 90853

Consultation and School Advocacy

Consultations are provided for therapies and evaluations. We require that the questions for the consultation service be approved before scheduling in order to ensure this is the correct service requested.

​School advocacy fees follow the fee schedule for individual therapy.

Consultation Session

60 - 75 minutes plus 30 minutes record review
CPT code: 90791

​ Licensed provider: $200 - 400

School Advocacy

Per 30 minutes
Licensed provider: $85 - 150

Psychological Testing + Evaluations

Spectra and our center, Illumination Psychological Testing, provide first-time diagnoses, second opinions, and updated testing for ages 20 months through late adulthood. Our evaluations offer diagnostic impressions, strengths/weaknesses documentation, accommodations, recommendations, and personalized treatment planning tailored to individual and family needs.

No Surprises Act & Good Faith Estimate


At the beginning of 2022, the senate enacted a “No Surprises Act” that states under law, health care providers must give patients who are obtaining services outside of insurance, an estimate of the expected charges for medical and psychotherapy services. 

Spectra Therapies is “out of network” meaning we do not work with insurance companies or accept insurance at our practice. We prioritize discussing fees and our status with prospective clients prior to scheduling them and assure the cost is disclosed multiple times throughout the process and readily available to consult. 

We will always be transparent about the cost of services we provide and if desired, as a client you have the right to receive a good faith estimate for the total expected cost, prior to scheduling a service. If you have further questions or are unsure about any costs, feel free to give us a call or consult