Office + Building

We are officed in a very exciting building!  The JoAnn Fogg Service Center also houses the Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas.

There are many fun and empowering things to see in the building.

To get to our office suite #202 you may use either staircase at each end of the building or the elevator in the middle of the building.  We are located across from the 5 clocks on the wall.


Here is a guide to help understand what we may access!

We have access to:

  • The entrance to the building & the sofas at the front – it is ok to say “hi” to the Girl Scouts administrator and to sit on the entrance sofa seats.
  • The Girl Scouts store – it is ok to purchase items from this store.
  • The kitchen / break room on the 1st floor – it is ok to sit in this room and purchase beverages from the vending machine.
  • The bathrooms on the first and second floor – we do not have a restroom inside our clinic.  It is ok to use the restrooms on the first & second floors.
  • Our office suite #202 – we have a waiting room and 6 therapy offices. It is ok to come inside the clinic when invited from the waiting room.  The office admin area and break room are not accessible to clients.


We do not have access to:

  • Other business offices on the first and second floors.  It is not ok to go inside these business offices.
  • The downstairs enclosed room with windows next to the couches and kitchen.  It is not ok to go inside this room with the sofa and table and chairs.


We hope that this guide is helpful to better understand what we have access to in our new building!

If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know!


Pictures coming soon!



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