Individual, Parent & Family Therapies


​Children with social, behavioral, and emotional difficulties often leave parents facing unique and unforeseen challenges.  Parent coaching and parent support is offered in individual and group formats, to help provide guidance and strategies with issues such as behavioral management, emotional regulation, and more.  In a group context, parents can meet other parents facing similar challenges and learn from one another as well as a supportive group facilitator.


Individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) face a social world in which rules and expectations appear to be clear to everyone but themselves. Evidence-based interventions, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) are modified to best address the anxiety and depression that commonly occur with ASD. We also combine various methods such as, Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA), cognitive strategies, communication, adaptive living, and social skills training, to effectively improve academic, social, and occupational functioning and overall quality of life.  Again, we serve clientele with or without autism spectrum disorders.​

Our focused treatment is provided typically once weekly on an outpatient basis to target areas such as co-occurring anxiety, depression, social skills, behavioral flexibility, and other concerning behaviors. A family-based model of treatment is emphasized along with behavioral and cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT).


Autism spectrum and other psychological disorders impact not just an individual, but his/her loved ones as well.  Couples and family therapy is offered to help impact systemic issues such as communication, collaboration, and relationship building. Evidence based treatments such as solution-focused brief family therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and family systems therapy help families support one another and improve quality of life.

Our multidisciplinary team created our popular and integrative social skills groups for all ages.  Tailoring groups to include speech, language, school, behavioral, play, and psychological approaches, we continue to enhance the group experience and outcomes for each individual.

Approaches for group work include aspects of (depending on age):

Michelle Garcia Winner , Social Thinking
Tony Atwood
Jed Baker
Preparing for Life
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
Personal Social Adjustment Training (PSAT)
Social Cognition
Program for the Education and Enrichment of Relational Skills (PEERS®)
Social Competence Intervention Program
Assertive social skills training
Rudy Simone
Gary Landreth
Applied Behavioral Analysis
Virginia Axline
Children’s Friendship Training
Lori Ensberger
Interpersonal psychotherapy
Executive functioning strategies

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